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A Flemish cowboys sits in his villa in the Campine. Outside, people are screaming on a rollercoaster. This is the small world of Bobbejaan. He is ill.

What does it do to a man, when you have - dixit Bobbejaan - "A lot of past, but little future left"? Bobbejaan composed, sang, whistled, jodeled and acted in an altogether. amazing career. He sold millions of records and toured around the globe. Tired of travelling, he built a concert hall that grew out into a successfull amusement park. Life flew by. So close to death, he wonders if he always made the right choices.

"Bobbejaan" is an intimate documentary about parting. About the moving energy with which Bobbejaan is taken care of by his wife. About the delicate search of his son, who captures his father's last moments on camera. Slowly and dignified, he fades away. But then he shines, one last time.

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